Anthesteria: the Sources
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Spartan traditions
Eternal Bacchus
Thunderstruck With Wine
Modern Hymns and Poetry
Ancient Hymns and Poetry
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Anthesteria for the lonely soul by Sannion
The Bloody Heart of Our Mysteries by Sannion
Chthonic Dionysos and the Saints of the True Vine by Sannion
Dark Minded Thoughts by Sannion
Devotional activities for Dionysians by Sannion
The Feast of the Senses by Sannion
Finding Dionysos by Sannion
Is that you Dionysos? by Sannion
The Ivy Wreath by Rebecca Lynn Scott
The Olbian Oracle
On the Lenaia by Sannion
The Oracle of Dionysos Bakcheios
The Oracle of the Doors
The Oracle of the Masks
Some background on the Toys of Dionysos by Sannion
The Story by Sannion