Our Temple Steward


Χαίρετε! (Greetings!) I am Sannion, the ἱεροποιός (temple steward) and μάντις (diviner) here at the Bakcheion, a Dionysian sanctuary located in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley and on the internet.

In addition to the sacred duties I perform for our God Dionysos Bakcheios within the temple, I also write, teach classes, organize events locally, oversee initiations as well as offer a variety of spiritual services as an Orpheotelest (specialist in Bacchic Orphic rites) of the Starry Bull tradition. You may learn more about the services I offer here.   

I have written a number of books under the pen name “H. Jeremiah Lewis” which may be found here.  

Please send questions, criticism, solicitations, donations and the like to sannion@gmail.com via Paypal.

And finally, here are some other sites I maintain that may be of interest: