His composition is strange and riddling for human beings, for Orpheus tells a holy tale even from the first word right through to the last, as he shows even in the well-known verse. For by bidding them ‘put doors on their ears’ he is saying that he is not legislating for the many, but is addressing those who are pure in hearing … (Derveni Papyrus col. 7)

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Bacchic blessings upon you and those whom you hold dear.

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Bacchic blessings upon you and those whom you hold dear.

Nothing can be so firmly bound,
– by illness, by wrath or by fortune –
that cannot be released by the Lord Dionysos.
(Aelius Aristides, Orationes)

Starry Bull Triskelion made by Δ, the Dionysian Artist, and Wayne.