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The blessings of Dionysos are fertility and abundance, joy and passion, madness and prophecy, ecstasy and freedom. Dionysian freedom is beyond good and evil: it takes precedent over law, custom, inhibition or morality. In the worship of Dionysos we discover who we really are, beneath all the masks and lies and compromises that society demands of us. Dionysos dissolves all boundaries and destroys every falsehood. In the ecstatic state we feel ourselves to be whole; we feel ourselves immense; we feel ourselves to be connected with all of the other frenzied worshippers and with the earth and the Gods. We utter prophecy, since we are no longer constrained by our small minds. We perform miracles, since the laws of nature no longer apply. We touch the face of God, and he touches us.

Ways to honor:
Be passionate. Be creative. Enjoy every moment of living – even the harsh and unpleasant ones. Drink wine. Take strange drugs. Wear masks. Attend the theater. Watch appropriate movies. Listen to music. Dance. Sing. Swim. Go for meandering walks. Climb a mountain or visit a forest. Learn a form of divination. Explore madness. 

wine and other alcohols, grapes, pomegranates, apples, figs, honey, milk, eggs, musk, civet, frankincense, storax, black diamond, marijuana, orchis root, thistle, fennel, ivy, oak, pine, all wild and domestic trees, all flowers, amanita muscaria, psilocybe mushrooms.  

Traditional* Festivals:
Anthesteria: 11-13 Anthesterion
Apaturia: 11-13 Puanepsion
Bacchanalia: various dates in various regions
Greater (or City) Dionysia: 10-17 Elaphebolion
Haloa: 26 Poseideon
Lenaia: 12-15 Gamelion
Oschophoria: 7 Puanepsion
Rural Dionysia: last half of Poseideon (December-January)
Liberalia: March 17

* Mostly Athenian

Agrios (The Wild One), Aigobolos (The Goatslayer), Aktaios (He of the Seacoast), Anax Bakcheios (Bacchic Lord), Anax Agreus (Lord Hunter), Antheus (The Blossoming), Anthroporraistes (The Render of Humans), Areion (War-like), Arretos (The Ineffable), Arsenothelys (the Man-Womanly), Auxites (The Grower), Axios Tauros (The Worthy Bull), Bakcheios (The Bacchic One), Bakchos (Raving), Bassareus (The Fox-God), Botryophoros (Bearer of Clusters of Grapes), Boukeros (The Bull-horned One), Bromios (He Who Roars), Bythios (The Deep), Charidotes (The Giver of Grace), Choreutes (The Dancer), Choroplekes (The Danceweaving One), Chthonios (He of the Underworld), Dendrites (The Tree God), Dikerotes (The Two-horned One), Dimeter (He of Two Mothers), Dimorphos (The Two-Formed One), Dissotokos (Doubly Born), Dithyrambos (Hymned by the Dithyramb), Eiraphiotes (The In-Sewn One), Ekstatophoros (The Bringer of Ecstasy), Eleuthereus (The Emancipator), Enorches (the Betesticled), Eriphos (Young Kid), Eribromios (The Loud Roarer), Euanthes (The Fair Blossoming One), Euaster (He Who Shouts Eua), Eubouleus (The Good Counselor), Euios (The Reveler), Gethosynos (The Joyful), Gigantophonos (Giant-Slayer), Gynnis (Womanish), Hagnos (The Pure, Holy One), Iakchos (The Cryer at Eleusis), Iatros (The Healer), Kissobryos (The Ivy-Wrapped One), Kissokomes (The Ivy-Crowned One), Kissos (Ivy), Korymbophoros (The Cluster-laden), Kryphios (The Hidden One), Lampter (Light-bringer), Lenaios (He of the Wine-press), Liknites (He of the Winnowing Fan Cradle), Limnaios (He of the Marsh), Lyaios (Bringer of Freedom), Lyseus (Liberator), Mainomenos (The Maddened One), Makar (Blessed One), Manikos (The Manic One), Mantis (The Diviner), Meilichios (The Gentle One), Melanaigis (He of the Black Goatskin), Morychos (The Dark One), Nebrodes (The Fawn-form One), Nyktelios (He of the Night), Nyktipolos (The Night-Stalker), Nysios (He of Nysa), Oiketor (The Indweller), Omadios (He of the Raw Feast), Palaios (The Ancient One), Perikionios (He Who is Entwined Around the Pillars), Phanes (The Illuminator), Polygethes (Bringer of Many Joys), Polymorphos (He of the Many Forms), Polyonomos (The Many-Named One), Protogonos (The Firstborn), Skeptouchos (Sceptre-Bearer), Soter (Saviour), Sykites (He of the Fig-Tree), Taurokeros Theos (Bull-horned God), Taurophagos (Devourer of the Bull), Tauropon (The Bull-faced One), Teletarches (Lord of Initiation), Thyonidas (Son of Thyone), Thyrsophoros (The Thyrsos-Bearer), Trieterikos (The Biennial One), Trigonos (The Thriceborn), Zagreus (Great Hunter), Zoophoros (Life Bringer) among others. 

bull, buffalo, bear, spider, snake, goat, pig, peacock, deer, dolphin, fox, lynx, leopard, lion, panther, tiger.


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