Bacchic Orphic astragalomancy

Cast four dice; by adding the numbers together you will have your oracle.

4. in order that he may find
5. bull you rushed to milk
6. thrice blessed one, on this very day.
7. you have wine as your fortunate honor
8. by you all things are subdued, all things overpowered, all things smitten
9. who are you, and where do you come from
10. peace war truth lie
11. on account of the rite they paid the penalty of their fathers
12. beloved by gods and mortal men
13. charmer of all pains for humans
14. fate and other immortal gods conquered me, the star-smiting thunder
15. and by the law of the river
16. rejoice at the experience
17. do not even go near this
18. thereafter you will reign with the other heroes
19. if the fast can endure, to fast for seven nights and days
20. flew out from the hard and deeply-grievous circle
21. for the initiate is without penalty
22. enter on the right
23. let no uninitiated look on
24. you have become a god instead of a man