Devotional Playlist for the Mountain Mothers

Synaulia – Magna Mater
Oi Polloi – The Earth Is Our Mother
Ivana Ranisavljevic – She Within Me
Daemonia Nymphe – Thracian Gaia
Daemonia Nymphe – Ida’s Dactyls
Antti Martikainen – Hymn to Cybele
Synaulia – Tympanum
Synaulia – Venus
Carl Orff – O Fortuna
Tom Kenyon – Passage Into the Heart of the Great Earth Mother
Lindie Lila – Mama Gaia
Rhea’s Obsession – Between Earth And Sky
Solace – Cybele
Scooter Pietsch – RHEA: The Goddess
Ivana Ranisavljevic – Magna Mater
Mussorgsky – Night On Bald Mountain
Misty Mountains (Cold) from The Hobbit
Rammstein – Ohne Dich
Puscifer – Grand Canyon

A compilation of these songs may be found here.