The Vapors of Melinoë

Recite the Orphic Hymn to Melinoë:

I call upon Melinoë, saffron-cloaked nymph of the earth,
to whom august Persephone gave birth by the mouth of the Kokytos,
upon the sacred bed of Kronian Zeus.
He lied to Plouton and through treachery mated with Persephone,
whose skin when she was pregnant he mangled in anger.
She drives mortals to madness with her airy phantoms,
as she appears in weird shapes and forms,
now plain to the eye, now shadowy, now shining in the darkness,
and all this in hostile encounters in the gloom of night.
But, goddess and queen of those below, I beseech you,
to banish the soul’s frenzy to the ends of the earth,
and show a kindly and holy face to the initiates.

Light the coal on the brazier using the Hymn so that the fire will become holy.

Then sprinkle powdered honey, crushed pomegranate seeds and frankincense on the coal.

Interpret the smoke as it rises.