Modern Hymns and Poetry for Leto

For Leto
by M. A. Rivera

Leto, concealed, mysterious fountain
You move quietly, unseen
Watching and listening and waiting
Goddess of patience and endurance
From whom great bursts of divinity fly forth
In a great explosion of life-ushering tumult
The frogs croak, telling tales of you and your power
The frog’s croak that we do not understand
Likewise is your divinity, shrouded at your behest
We honor your children and thus we honor you
We honor you and thus we honor your children
Let this draw you closer to us Goddess
And if you will it let the mysteries of your being unfold
Like the things hidden in the darkness
Of the cave and the dark rich earth and the womb
Come, great Leto, to light

Hymn to Leto
by Andrew Bayless

Sing, O Muse of Leto!  The Dark-veiled Goddess from whom light issued forth!
As the choirs of frogs emerge from the dark waters and the buzzing bees keep their golden honey inside dull hives,
so too does Leto conceal a treasure.  At the door into the Labyrinth, She is there.  Concealer and Revealer of the Light,
Goddess of Twilight, She is the door from state to another.  Dark to light, Water to Earth, Female to Male, all overseen by the Goddess of the Black Veil!
Womb to Tomb, Tomb to Womb, the entrance and exit from life to death.  Leto is the milk that drowns and nurtures again the lamb who fell and was concealed in the veil to know the truth.
Great Goddess Leto who knows contains the light, I appease you in song.  But I shall now recall both you and another song.