Three divination systems for the Queen of Heaven

In honor of the triple formed Hera worshiped at Stymphalos in Arcadia (Pais “child”, Teleia “fulfilled”, Chêra “widowed” according to Pausanias, Description of Greece 8.22.2) here are three divination systems for the Queen of Heaven, which can be used at the beginning, in the midst or at the end of a situation, or as you see fit.

I. Παῖς.

Either find representations of these symbols or inscribe them on pieces of wood or stone. I chose six symbols because that’s a number often associated with her, but feel free to add others if you feel moved to. Each symbol is dense with meaning that goes far beyond the three examples I’ve provided.

Lily = growth, virtue, fragility
Scepter = will, authority, discipline
Crown = power, completion, cycles
Girdle = persuasion, deception, entrapment
Pomegranate = fertility, blessing, union
Peacock = beauty, attention, attraction

II. Τελεία.

Take four dice that have been consecrated to Hera and cast them. Adding the numbers together you will arrive at the epithet which represents the portion of her domain that you need to focus on for a successful resolution.

4. Hêniochê “of the chariot”
5. Antheia “blossoming”
6. Hypercheiria “whose hand is above”
7. Aigophagos “goat-eater”
8. Lakinia “of childbirth”
9. Daidalia “of clever contrivance”
10. Kourotrophos “protector of the young”
11. Olympia “of the radiant heavens”
12. Boôphis “with eyes large like cow’s eyes”
13. Limenia “of the harbor”
14. Nympheuomenê “preparing to be a bride”
15. Mainómenos “who drives mad”
16. Akraiê “of the heights”
17. Chêra “the abandoned”
18. Basileia “queenly”
19. Argeia “of the wilds outside the city”
20. Gamêlia “of marriage”
21. Bounaia “of the mound”
22. Argôia “who guides the wandering heroes”
23. Leukôlenos “white-armed”
24. Zygia “who brings together”

III. Chêra.

To find out how a situation will be resolved, fill a cup with milk and then recite the Orphic Hymn to Hera:

You are ensconced in darksome hollows, and airy is your form, O Hera,
Queen of all and blessed consort of Zeus.
You send soft breezes to mortals such as nourish the soul,
And, O mother of rains, you nurture the winds and give birth to all.
Without you there is neither life nor growth;
And, mixed as you are in the air we venerate, you partake of all,
And of all you are queen and mistress.
You toss and turn with the rushing wind.
May you, O blessed goddess and many-named queen of all,
Come with kindness and joy on your lovely face.

Light a beeswax candle and let a suitable amount of wax collect at the top. Ask Hera to breathe forth her answer and then drip the wax into the milk, interpreting the figures that form.