Modern Hymns and Poetry for Hera



For Hera
by Edward Butler

Poets can lie, enamored of their invention;
thus do I say that of no spite was Hephaistos born to you,
Queen Hera.

You created him alone, out of your own nature,
Like the first born of the cosmos.
How could anyone imagine it done for any but the highest purpose?
There are no jealous Gods.

But balance for Athena’s birth Olympian order did demand.
Far sighted Queen Hera envisioned through technology
The horizon itself expanding.

Hail Hera
by Pharmakeia Rhodanthe

Hail Hera of the deep heart. Beautiful and radiant you are, above all others in heaven above. Peerless Queen. Benefactor of brides and wives and mothers, hear our song that we sing, just for you! Our Maiden Queen! Beloved daughter of Rhea, may we honor you with actions true and clarity strong. Upholder of vows….Unparalleled Goddess of nobility and strength…we honor you.

Hail Hera II
by Pharmakeia Rhodanthe

Hail Hera! Mighty Sovereign, benefactor of rulers and leaders-We beseech you ! May you hear our praise of you, dear Goddess!You hold the trials of in initiation in your fair hands. Beloved Queen of Air and Heaven. Majestic and steady handed. Hera! Indomitable defender of the city walls! Guardian and key to the Heavenly gates.For courage and strength, we turn to you.For wisdom and will, we turn to you. For protection we turn to you. Holy Queen of Heaven.Beloved and cherished daughter of Rhea and Kronos….We turn to you, and ask for your favor.

To Hera
by A. L. Eleutherios

Hail, Hera, Queen of Olympos!
Your Name, renowned and true.
Your crown is wrought of star and cloud,
and your mantle, sapphire blue.

Queen, you are, undoubted:
wife and sister to Heaven’s King.
Cow-eyed mistress of gods undying,
unto whom do kingly birds sing.

Your hand is firm, like the queen you are,
Yet your heart is soft like morning dew.
Your voice commands all rain and gale,
and the hearts of many mortals, too.

This song is made for you, O Queen:
that which is yours can never die.
For you are Queen of every hero’s heart,
though body rot and spirit fly.

To Hera
by Sannion

Hail, Queenly Hera, august and nurturing goddess,
whose throne sits beside that of Zeus on Olympos,
equal in honours, unmatched in nobility,
proud yet temperate, thou art most worthy to be called Great Goddess,
for thou art most concerned with the bonds which unite family and society,
that men honour their marital bed, and all their solemn commitments.
Thou presidest over the just and equitable distribution of property,
and ensure that the son is not deprived of his inheritance,
nor the daughter her dowry.
Harmony and stability are thy greatest gifts,
and nothing is so hateful to thy heart
as the man who, impetuous with wine, would sneak into the bed
of a married woman, and get upon her illegitimate children,
which the rightful man of the house must then raise as his own.
Dear to thy heart also is the well-ordered pasture-land
and the gentle-eyed, placid kine in the field,
for their mellowness, their generosity, the wealth that they represent,
suggest something of thy own nature.
Hear this prayer, O Mistress of Argos, and remember me
when it comes time for me to exchange the marriage-vows,
and ensure a tranquil household for me.

To Hera II
by Sannion

Lady Hera, grant that I remain faithful to all of my responsibilities,
never shirking those duties to family, friend, and city
which are your special concern.
May I treat my loved ones with respect
and always demonstrate concern for them,
never violating the commitments I have sworn
or causing another to do likewise.