Modern Hymns and Poetry for Hekate

Communal Hymn of the Old Thiasos

Torch-maiden of the mysteries,
you who hold power alongside but unbound to the Lords of the Earth,
Night-wandering leader of dead hosts,
mighty Hekate, lead us along the path to the crossroads.
May we honor you there,
may we honor those in your train,
and may we choose well which way to turn.
Crossroads mistress, of Earth, Sea and Sky,
flanked by dogs and serpent-girdled…
Saffron colored your untouchable gown two your torches,
fires of the night hear our prayers as we pour you red wine
and help us sooth the Unresting.
I bow to she who holds the key,
who knows the hidden magicks of plant and beast.
Hekate, some part of me is at the crossroads
some part of me is lost in the dark,
where all possibilities collide.
Wandering Queen, protect what is in transition.
I pray to Hekate, who brings the dead to the feast,
who dances in revels lit by her torches.
I [take action] for Hekate of the Starry Bull.

For Hekate
by Fiona Husch

Never look back at the Crossroads
they say.
What you would see there
can change a man forever.

It is not the hungering, restless shades
Who swarm the offerings like moths to flame
Devouring all in their path and begging for more
That you must fear.

It is the figure brandishing the torches
In hands that flicker between flesh and bone
The liminal mistress of the dead,
Hekate who guards all boundaries.

For Hekate
by M. A. Rivera

Light up the dark
Oh daughter of Night
With fire and flaming torches
Daughter of shooting, falling stars
Lead us to the crossroads and beyond the crossroads
To where the Mighty and Blessed Dead dwell
To where even Gods themselves dwell
To where Bakkhos has prepared many feasts for his beloved ones!
Be you ever far and ever near oh mighty Hekate
Like the Sun and the fire; and the moon and the blood
Let us hear the barking of dogs and hear your voice
Amidst their breath and teeth and tongues!
Light up the dark, oh dreadful Queen
With your darting, shining divinity
For we honor you with fire and song and venefice
And all the other things we know…

Hymn to Hecate
by Elisabeta Korcia

Hecate accept me
I am Your sovereign child
Dark Mother of the Night
Your service is freedom
My Darksome Mother
Hecate Antea
Hecate Trivia
Through Your dark cauldron we see the light
Your iron keys unlock insight
With the fearsome hounds at Your feet
You wield Your dagger to break illusion and lies
Laughing Maiden, Living Matron, Black Hag of Death
Queen of All Living Things
It is through Her that all things live or die
Goddess of the Wild Hunt
The Goddess of expiration and purification
Haunting Widow of the graveyard
Blessing the soil beneath Her feet
Liberator of the enslaved
She is manifest in our dreams and desires
Destined to break the chains that hold them
Patroness of what lies in the heart
Blessed Hecate, Mother Hecate
I hear Your words and rejoice
For I have sought You and You are with me always
You are with me at the beginning
And You shall be with me in the end

Prayers to Hekate
by Rebecca Lynn Scott

I pray to Hekate
Who stands in the road
Who rules the crossroads and thresholds
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Who hunts in the night
Loving deer and dogs and speed
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Cloaked in saffron
Bearing bright torches to light the way
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Who guides our souls
Deep beneath the earth, to rest
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Who dances with the dead
Who leads their Bacchic rites
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Goddess of Witches
Worker of mighty spells
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Angry one, Destroyer
Who clears the way for the new
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Three-formed, three-bodied
Who faces in all directions
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

I pray to Hekate
Night-wandering nursemaid
Who guides us on strange paths
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Thread

To Hekate
by Sannion

Hail to you, all-seeing and all-knowing Hekate,
opener of the door and custodian of the portals,
whom we beseech at the beginning and end of all our endeavors
– may your lovely faces never be turned from me!

To Hekate II
by Sannion

Hail Hekate who stands amid the crossroads clad in saffron,
a great protector against witches and their evil charms.
Triple-formed, you have power over the sky, the earth, and the waves.
Hekate, you who stand at the beginning and end of all things
meet me at the wild places,
when I cross the threshold into unfamiliar territory.
Challenge me to grow and change, to be more doglike,
unconcerned with society’s conventions,
fiercely loyal to my own nature,
hunting out what is good and true with a single-minded devotion.
And when my days have reached their end
welcome me into the land of the dead,
reveal to me the path of becoming one of the imperishable stars in the night sky.