Devotional Playlist for Hekate

Daemonia Nymphe – Nocturnal Hekate
Dathura Suavolens – The Call of Hecate Enodia
In Scissors – Hecate’s Garden & Mnemosyne Lake
The Janitors – Here They Come
Faith and the Muse – The Chorus of the Furies
Halgrath – Ritual Of Lost Epoch
Coil – Are You Shivering?
CocoRosie – Gallows
Shawn James – Hellhound
Nox Arcana – Night of the Wolf
Eivør Pálsdóttir – Brostnar Borgir
Arcana – Autumnal
Ephemeral Sun – Avatar
Faun – Hekate
Raven ShadowHawk – Hymn to Hecate
Wendy Rule – Hecate
Midnight Kiss – Hecate Chant
Vas – In The Garden Of Souls
Nordvargr – The Shadows Are Bent by my Presence
Castanets – No Trouble

A compilation of these songs may be found here.