Arlecchino’s Dice

Roll two dice, a black signifying no and white yes. Whichever has the higher indicates your answer. You can gain further information by interpreting the number accordingly. A tie signifies that offerings must be made before proceeding or another system of divination needs to be consulted.

1 – Yes, but there is too much that you don’t know to be comfortable. Ask more questions to gain clarity.
2 – Yes, but that is contingent on other things falling into place.
3 – Yes, through great effort on your part.
4 – Yes, and there’s nothing further that you need to do.
5 – You know that this is certain – why are you even asking about it?
6 – You have the favor of the gods with regard to this. All obstacles shall be removed from your path.

1 – No but only because you don’t know enough about the situation to properly formulate your question.
2 – It should, but it won’t because of circumstances beyond your control.
3 – No, because of something that you’ve messed up.
4 – No, and you should begin preparing for that because it’s inevitable.
5 – Are you stupid? Of course not!
6 – Hell no! And there’s serious miasma around this. Reparations need to be made post haste.