Modern Hymns and Poetry for Athene

Goddess of Bright Mind
by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Goddess of bright mind
Glorious Lady Divine
The scholar’s Goddess, with beauty fair
The warrior’s Goddess, Who loves those who dare
Daughter of mighty Zeus, unconquerable maid
Purity incarnate, with whom no man has laid
Lady of Athena, sword­bearing, Whom none can faze
My Goddess, I will worship You all of my days.

Hail Athene
by M. Rivera

Hail Athene
Protector and avenger of the Dead!
Who makes of herself an enemy
Of those, who through their actions
Make an enemy of her: the gorgon-shielded Goddess!
Mighty Goddess, turn back your wrath
Lead the Seething Dead away
Take away the miasma that disturbs their souls
And our own
We placate and avert your awful ire
Receive our praise and show a kindlier face
As we extend to you the olive branch of peace

Hail to Athena
by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hail to Athena, the warrior maiden
Head-born Daughter of Zeus
Who delights in spears and battle-cries
And leads the charge against the enemy.

Hail to Athena, the worker, the weaver
Fair Goddess Who sits with the other women
Weaving baskets and tapestries, laughing and sharing
The Artist’s Goddess, patron of all that takes a crafty mind

Hail to Athena, city-Goddess
Who nurtures the virtues of community
Who oversees the forum with Hermes
Who sets down just laws, and oversees their implementation.

Hail to Athena, my dearest Goddess
Who saved my life when I was lost in darkness
Who stands by me, and makes me stronger
Hail, my Goddess, may I always be worthy of You.

Lady of the Battlefield
by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

I call now my Lady Athena,
Goddess of flashing eyes and flaming hair
The Fierce One, Lady of the Battlefield
Who loves the din of war and sack of cities
Mightiest Daughter of Zeus
Who, laughing, runs alongside Ares into the fray
The only One Who can defeat the God of War Himself
Strongest, the Best, Fearsome Lady
Drive my enemies before me
Let their hearts be filled with holy fear
So that they drop their weapons and abandon the battle
Protect me and mine
From the forces gathering against us.
My lady, My Goddess, my Love,
This I pray.

On Athene
by Sannion

Some gods are easy to know.
They have colorful stories told about them that leap off the page
and grab hold of your imagination.
Other gods are felt in our blood and bones,
in fire and ecstatic dance.
And then there is Athene.
Oh, I could tell you a lot about her.
Give a detailed account of her history and cult,
a laundry list of her titles and associations.
But I don’t think you’d be any closer to knowing who she is,
what she really feels like.
Athene is like the taste of vodka on your tongue,
the feel of cold, sharp steel against your fingers,
the light reflecting off of a spear-tip,
the moment of perfect clarity when you see how all the broken pieces fit together
and what the thing must have looked like originally,
even though the fragments sitting before you aren’t enough to suggest that.
She is a light in the darkness,
distant and untouchable,
but helpful in finding your way.
She is the single-minded focus
that causes the complexity of the world to fall away
so that the archer can shoot his arrow straight and true,
or the martial artist break through the limitations of her body
and accomplish the move she thought impossible.
Athene seems to have no emotions,
no attachments,
no roots in the messy world.
She is about order and patterns,
raw information,
the weaver who takes random threads
and spins them together into a thing of rare beauty.

Prayer To Hermes and Athena
by Andrew Bayless

Come, O great Hermes and Athena, the beautiful children of Zeus that edify the minds of humanity and encourage glory!   Craftiness and inventiveness, prudence and strategy, learning and wise counsel; these are the gifts of Atlantiades and Tritogenia!  Together, brother and sister unite to mold the minds of their pupils!  Hermes and Athena, most cerebral of the deathless Gods, furnish us with your gifts and guide us in bettering ourselves intellectually and bettering our community with our knowledge.  Accept our offerings, Hermes and Athena, and put us under your mentorship.  May all humanity become enlightened through you and your gifts.  Io Hermes Io Athena!

To Athene
by Sannion

I sing of the venerable goddess,
spear-carrying, owl-eyed, olive-gifting Athene,
born on the Libyan shores of Lake Triton,
ever a virgin, and yet hailed truthfully by poets
as the mother of the people of the city that bears her name.
Wise of counsel, loving truth, protector of the young,
formidable foe in battle
– this is the goddess whom we hold dear to our hearts!
Each year the maiden daughters of our city weave for her a gown,
revealing a great mystery: the battle of gods and monsters,
and how order came to the world,
the primordial elements yoked by cunning intelligence,
that civilization might flourish and mankind prosper on the face of the earth.
Hail to you Athene, who made all this possible,
you who grant boons beyond reckoning,
the kindest of gods to mortal-kind.