The Web of Arachne

The Web of Arachne is woven as follows:

First draw a large circle and then divide it into eight sections, labeling each as follows:


You can make a permanent Web (with wood, cloth or on laminated paper) or weave it anew for each reading.

These letters refer to the different areas of one’s life and the blessings or obstacles that may arise within that sphere of manifestation:

Σ = Σωμα (Soma) – Body, health, the material realm
Ψ = Ψυχη (Psuche) – Soul, subconscious, the person within
Θ = Θεοι (Theoi) – Gods, divine order, religious matters
Π = Πατρικως (Patrikos) – Ancestors, tradition, what is inherited
Ο = Οικος (Oikos) – Home, family, private matters
Α = Αγορα (Agora) – Marketplace, finances, public matters
Φ = Φιλια (Philia) – Relationships, connections, the exterior person
Μ = Μουσικη (Mousike) – Creativity, the intellect, work

May be used in conjunction with the Toys or the Olbian oracle or by dropping pebbles or seeds into the Web.

The Web is particularly useful if you want a general overview or the client isn’t certain of what questions to ask or what area to focus on.

Pay attention not only to where the object or items fall but also where in each section and the spatial relationship they have if you involve more than one.