Tips for celebrating Pannychia

1. This would be a good time to practice making Labyrinths.

2. Keeping this vigil can be an emotionally intense experience – especially the middle section – so factor that in and give yourself plenty of time between the different phases of the festival to come down and transition. Since there are three sections you may want to color code them, for instance decorate the shrine or change your clothing to reflect that i.e. Dusk = white, Midnight = black, Dawn = red.

3. Coloring books – especially Minoan or Greek themed ones – can be a fun way to pass the night. It is permissible to use more than just the black, red and white crayon but hardcore Starry Bull traditionalists won’t.

4. Dance. Seriously, it’s one of the most powerful ways of connecting with Ariadne. Either come up with different dances to perform for each section, or just dance as you feel moved. But dance!

5. Incorporate Ariadne’s animals into your ritual décor and spend time contemplating their symbolism. You can also make animal-masks and wear them at different points throughout the night.