Ritual outline for the Pannychia

Dusk – Honey for the Mistress of the Labyrinth

The theme is joyous celebration: Ariadne as the Cretan Aphrodite.

Offerings of wine, honey, cakes, figs, grapes, beeswax candles, representations of bulls, snakes and phalloi.

Poetry, songs, music and dance are shared with her.

Use a pendulum or play string-games such as Ariadne’s Starry Net.

Commences with a feast – Greek food appropriate; beef even more so.

Afterwards keep her candle going and chill out in her presence.

A good time to drink, do entheogens and watch movies. Spend time personally communing with her. Perform divination.

Movie recommendations: Labyrinth, Manôushe, Lickerish Quartet, The Serpent’s Kiss, V for Vendetta, Lair of the White Worm.

Midnight – Abandonment and Desolation

The theme is Ariadne abandoned on Naxos.

Clear away the offerings. If possible burn them in a fire.

Veil image if you have one. Set up a bowl of salt water and a candle.

Sing somber, dirge-like songs and dance slowly.

Sit with a mirror. No matter what, don’t look away until you’re done.

Meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of Ariadne.

Open yourself up to fear and pain.

Contemplate your failures and insecurities, all the times you’ve suffered defeat or betrayal, had the rug pulled out from under you, failed to live up to your ideals.

Accept the inevitability of your death.

Let it all out. Pour the emotion and pollution into the mirror. Scream, cry, laugh. Get it out and into the mirror. And then smash the mirror.

If you’re celebrating with others you may choose to share what came out or not.

Once that’s done you can go outside and wander about or just sit and chill for the remainder of the night if you’re keeping vigil or go to sleep if you’re not, provided you’ve set an alarm.

Dawn – The God Who Comes

The theme is Dionysos awakening Ariadne, her apotheosis and the placement of her crown in the heavens.

Greet the dawn with joyous celebration.

Put on a crown of flowers. Have crowns for Dionysos and Ariadne as well.

Pour out libations of wine.

Call him with a bull-roarer.

Poetry, singing, dancing if you’re still up for it.

Set fire to the garlands.

Go on an early morning walk-about through your city, ending in a sweet breakfast.