A game for Pannychia

Ariadne’s Starry Net can be played either by individuals or small groups of three to seven people.

All that you need is a string (red, black or white of course) cut to around 60 inches (though you’re free to use less or more as your desire dictates) and then tied together in a square knot (or something more complex if you have a scouting or kink background) with the dangly bits cut off.

If you’ve got a group choose someone by lot to start it off and have everyone stand together in a rough circle like Ariadne’s crown.

The person who’s starting it off (or you if you’re doing this alone) slips the string over their hand, between the thumb (if they have one) and rest of the digits, and then does the same with the other hand. Next the person winds the string around each hand (not including the thumb) with their palms facing towards them. Then they take the far string and loop it around their wrist, doing the same on the other side. Then they slide the middle finger of their right hand into the left loop, dragging it back to its original position. And finally they move their left middle finger to the right, slip on the finger noose and then tug back the right palm string to produce the Net, which should resemble a Rhombos flanked by two Dagaz Runes.

If the above description isn’t clear Google “cat’s cradle” and remember that there are some decent instructional videos on Youtube as well. Try all of this out a couple times to make certain that you’ve got it down before you attempt this in ritual. While you’re doing it, meditate on the symbolism of weaving, threads, puzzles as well as Rhombos and the Rune Dagaz.

Now, if you are playing this game as part of a group turn to the person next to you and have them hook the inside left string with their pinkie (assuming they have one) and pull it past the right outside strings, simultaneously doing the same with the other hand to transform the Net into one of the seven Stars of Ariadne’s crown. Person one slips their fingers loose while person two tightens the string, securing it around their fingers, then turns to the person next to them in circle, doing the same with them until all seven Stars have been created.

While each person takes their turn the other members should chant in unison:

One for Sorrow.
Two for Joy.
Three for Monsters.
Four for Toys.
Five for Chilver (raw or smoking on the altar)
while six is a Heart grown cold.
Seven for Secrets,
never to be told.
Eight a Wish.
Nine a Kiss.
And ten a Bird,
you must not miss.

Stop when the person has successfully completed the transformation; if it takes longer than ten start again. They will receive what the rhyme indicates in the month to come.