I have been interested in divination and fortune-telling longer even than I have been a devotee of Dionysos; consequently I have mastered numerous systems and also developed many of my own by adapting ancient models. Over the years I have found that some systems are better suited for answering certain types of questions than others and so offer a variety of readings at various price points. All of the divination that I perform these days is under the aegis of my Gods and Spirits; among those that I consult are Dionysos, his Toys, the Bacchic Prophets, Arachne and Hermes. Others may be consulted as needed. 

The methods you may choose from are:

  • Astragalomancy: divination by dice or knucklebones, often incorporating bibliomancy or the use of randomly chosen oracular verses. $20 per question, or 3 for $50. 
  • Cartomancy: divination by playing cards, Tarot, the Sortes Empedocleae, etc. $30 per question.
  • The Leaves of Dionysos: a system that employs Bacchic symbolism. $20 per question, or 3 for $50.
  • The Toys of Dionysos: a consultation with the keepers of our tradition’s mysteries. $50 for a 30 min session. 
  • The Tokens of Dionysos: a Bacchic Orphic alphabet oracle. $15 per question. 
  • The Net of Zagreus: a form of psephomancy or divination by pebbles. $50 for an initial diagnostic, plus 3 questions; $15 for each additional question.

If you are uncertain as to which system is best suited for your questions I will happily make recommendations. Also note that I have multiple systems within the first two categories, as well as numerous ones not listed here. Ask and I’ll give you a full run-down.

Put thought into how you phrase your questions. Make them a mix of brevity and specificity. (I don’t need the full back story and will just skim past until I get to your questions anyway so I can go into the session tabula rasa thus insuring that just what I see gets recorded.) Only ask what you genuinely want to know. Knowing begets obligations. Remember Kroisos and Themistokles, Sokrates and Xenophon when interpreting the oracles of the Gods.

Once I’ve reviewed your questions I’ll state my fee; if it is agreeable to you send the moneys to via Paypal, and then go make offerings to your ancestors and the divinities who will be involved in the reading. 

Upon receiving payment I will e-mail the results to you within 48 hours; if I am somehow delayed you will get a full refund. 

You may also request a “real time” session with me. During this session you can ask as many questions as necessary and we will employ a combination of systems to get your answers. I am pretty flexible, so if you need to reschedule that’s fine. If it happens a second time you will need to pay for a new session. And when the agreed upon time arrives be prompt, for if you are more than ten minutes late the session will be cancelled without refund.

  • Through Slack: $50 for 30 mins, $75 for an hour. 
  • Over the phone: $60 for 30 mins, $120 for an hour. (I don’t like phones, so there’s no discount.)
  • In person: inquire by e-mail and we will discuss options.