Games for Oschophoria

One person is designated the Bull, while everyone else are Virgins. Simulating horns upon their head with their index fingers and bent at the waist, the Bull barrels towards the Virgins mooing its rage, while the Virgins blithely dance out of his way. If a Virgin is caught by the Bull they must emit a pitiable shriek and expire in the most dramatic fashion possible. Since there is no Theseus to save them this time, the game ends when the Bull has slain all of the Virgins. The final Virgin becomes the next Bull. 


Get a bull-shaped piñata (in white, red and black if you can) and then stuff it full with plastic spiders and representations of the Toys. If a member’s birthday is coming up give them priority, otherwise choose someone by lot or random, blindfold them and let them go crazy whacking the piñata with a thyrsos or lagobolos.