Tips for celebrating Lenaia

1. Mimosas and belgian waffles make a sweet and refreshing post-sunrise Lenaia breakfast.

2. Keep your flower-crown on while you eat, particularly if you’re having breakfast out.

3. Arguments can be made for returning to the same location year in and year out as well as doing it at different spots spread throughout your city; if you don’t have a strong feeling about it, divine. The best form of divination for this is the observance of signs. Ask Dionysos to show you the way, and then pay attention for weird shit – especially if it involves spiders or white rabbits!

4. You can get dowels for the Maskengott idol at home repair and art supply stores, with varying degrees of thickness. For a simple but effectively “primitive” and “creepy” mask one may cut eye-holes in a piece of leather and then hot glue gun leaves, felt, fur or unworked wool on for his beard. Or attach with crude red stitching.

5. The more vigorously you stir the wine the better – this, however, can get messy so you may want to set the shrine up over towels, a sheet or dropcloth. Use black, red or white ones so they blend in with the rest of your ritual décor. Aesthetics matter, especially when it comes to the little things.