Tips for celebrating Lampteria

1. If you don’t want to go barefaced or bother with a mask consider facepaint – especially in white and red and black.

2. Grapelights are a thing. Also, in place of torches or tealights, you can have your group carry sparklers. (Assuming fireworks aren’t illegal in your area, or you don’t care if they are.)

3. You can bring a rhombos or bull-roarer with you and call forth the thirsty Spirits of your city at each cup or wait until each has been set out and do it once to open them all together.

4. Spend the time leading up to sundown decorating the cups you’ll be leaving out. Draw pictures that express the qualities and attributes of the epithet or put Bucrania, Labyrinths, Triskelions, Sonnenrads or Greek Keys on the cup in red and black ink.

5. Spend time really reflecting on the meaning of torches, darkness, wine and the other things that make up the festival. For instance, when Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind he hid it in a fennel stalk, from which we make our thyrsoi – and it was the Titans who first put this instrument in the hands of Dionysos, after his ordeal with the Toys.