Ritual outline for Foundation Day

To determine when to hold your theoxenia or Feast with the Gods you may 1) use the Starry Bull Alphabet Oracle to divine the day’s letter or 2) write out the names of group members on strips of paper and put them in a bowl. When a strip is drawn that person is crowned King of the Feast and the observance is held on their name-day. Or you can just wait and celebrate on New Year’s.   

Set up a shrine to Dionysos and his Northern wife Freyja and any others you wish (including his Southern wife Ariadne) and decorate the ritual space in purple, gold and green. 

All the guests should be given ivy-crowns and Dionysos and Freyja should be crowned too. 

Prepare a lavish feast, giving Dionysos and Freyja each a heaping portion. (Ham is especially appropriate, given that Freyja is among the honored and pig-roasts are an essential part of Yuletide celebrations.)

The feast should have three courses, with the dishes color-coded to match the décor. This may require creativity and or food coloring, so plan ahead. All the guests should contribute at least one dish. To make things extra challenging and fun, only include items starting with the letter of the day on the menu.

Before each course everyone must:

  • Round one: tell a joke. 
  • Round two: sing a song.
  • Round three: make a boast.

If you don’t participate you don’t eat. 

The King of the Feast will award the best in each category a pouch of walnuts or a coin. 

When the feast is finished gifts may be exchanged. These should consist of something the person can use in ritual with a $20 limit. It’s best if these gifts are handmade. 

The King then fills a rhyton or drinking horn and passes it around. 

  • Round one: hail Dionysos and Freyja by one of their epithets and thank them for all of the good things they have brought into your life over the last year. 
  • Round two: share something special that you appreciate about each of the other guests. 
  • Round three: speak a blessing upon the group and upon the Bakcheion for the year to come. 

At this point the group may sing songs, dance, play games, perform divination or engage in other festive activities. 

The group may also choose to do the day’s Activity (from the next section) together or incorporate elements from Kalends if the group won’t be meeting on New Year’s. 

When things are starting to wind down bring out the King Cake. One can either make actual New Orleans Mardis Gras King Cake, or just bake a coin, crown or other trinket into a regular cake. Whoever gets the piece of cake with the object will have a blessed, bountiful and extremely lucky year ahead of them.