On Foundation Day

On Foundation Day we commemorate the opening of the Hudson Valley Bakcheion by spending time in the temple’s prototype, the House of Vines at the heart of the Labyrinth, where we feast and revel with Chthonic Dionysos, his wife Freyja and the Furious Host.

As time moves differently in the realms below each hour spent over there corresponds to a day here, and thus the festival begins on December 8th (coincidentally the birthday of the prophet Jim Morrison) and concludes on New Year’s Eve.

Over the course of the festival we engage with the stoicheia or primordial elements out of which the temple was constructed, represented by the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet which contain a host of associations and prescriptions one can incorporate into their observance.

We also draw on customs and practices from a number of Dionysian winter festivals such as Brumalia, Kalends, and Turbe.

This is a good time for working with members of the Bacchic Retinue and delving into some of the more esoteric threads of our tradition. Black Sun activity is especially appropriate on the 21st and 31st.