Tips for celebrating Anthesteria

1. If you’re performing the role of Sacred Queen you’ll probably want to avoid participating in Orestes’ Supper or stuff for Deukalion’s dead, as they can result in pretty strong miasma. Everyone, regardless of their role, should make sure that they thoroughly cleanse themselves as well as their shrines after the festival is finished.

2. Build a hut out of vegetation like a Greek skias or Jewish sukkah in which to hold Orestes’ Supper. This can be done either indoors or in one’s back yard. Instructions for doing so are easily found online.

3. This is a really complex festival. Different themes tend to stick out more on different years; so if you’re not feeling part of it, don’t worry and instead focus on those parts that are resonating with you. If you’re looking to spice things up focus on the Magna Graecian aspects rather than the strictly Athenian.

4. Always ask first, and don’t give wine to the children of strangers no matter how traditional an element of the festival it is!

5. If you’re not up for making masks or dolls, you can always hang paperdolls or pictures from a coloring book you’ve cut out. If you want to make them really creepy, remove the eyes and write cryptic phrases from dead poets on them.