Recitation for Aletideia

Orphic Hymn 50. To Lysios

Κλῦθι, μάκαρ, ∆ιὸς υἷ’, ἐπιλήνιε Βάκχε, διμάτωρ,
σπέρμα πολύμνηςτον, πολυώνυμε, λύσιε δαῖμον,
κρυψίγονον μακάρων ἱερὸν θάλος, εὔιε Βάκχε,
εὐτραφές, εὔκαρπε, πολυγηθέα καρπὸν ἀέξων,
ῥηξίχθων, ληναῖε, μεγασθενές, αἰολόμορφε,
παυσίπονον θνητοῖσι φανεὶς ἄκος, ἱερὸν ἄνθος
χάρμα Βροτοῖς φιλάλυπον, ἐπάφιε, καλλιέθειρε,
λύσιε, θυρσομανές, Βρόμι’, εὔιε, πᾶσιν ἐύφρων,
οἷς ἐθέλεις θνητῶν ἠδ’ ἀθανάτων ἐπιφαύσκων
νῦν σε καλῶ μύσταισι μολεῖν ἡδύν, φερέκαρπον.

Hear, O blessed son of Zeus and of two mothers,
Bakchos of the vintage, unforgettable seed, many-named and redeeming demon,
Holy offspring of the Gods born in secrecy, reveling Bacchos,
Plump giver of the many joys of fruits which grow well.
Mighty and many-shaped God, from the earth you burst forth to reach the wine-press,
And there become a remedy for man’s pain, O sacred blossom!
A sorrow-hating joy to mortals, O lovely-haired Epaphian,
You are a redeemer and a reveler whose thyrsus drive to frenzy,
And who is kind hearted to all, Gods and mortals, who see his light.
I call upon you now to come, a sweet bringer of fruit.